A Maze Bot
Experimental Robotics

Learning Implicit Communication Strategies
Deep Reinforcement Learning

Text Summarization
RNNs language models

Superresolution Micrscopy
With Compressed Sensing

Restaurant ontologies
Personalized Recommendations

Beyond Correlation Networks
Graphs for the Financial Market

Intel RealSense 400
Stereo Depth Camera

Gradient-learned Models for Stereo Matching
Classification for Stereo Matching

Multimodal Natural Language Inference
CNNs meet RNNs

CNNs for 3D Model Classification
Learning Projections

Wide-angle Stereo Lenses
Effects of optics on stereo depth generation

Doctor Bayes
Symptom-based disease prediction

Deformable Blood Cells
Level-set based tracking and segmentation

Invited Workshop Talk

Dequantization of Depth Data
For higher quality normal maps

Box Measurement
Real-time measurement of rectangular prisms

Intel RealSense R200
Stereo Depth Camera

World Cup Brackets
D3.js Visualization

IDF 2013
Adding Natural User Interfaces to Software

Hand Tracking Library
Free software

GI 2013
Dynamics based 3D skeletal hand tracking

Best Poster Award

CES 2013
Hand Tracking

RealSense SDK
Algorithms work

CES 2012
Hand Tracking Demo

Markov Decision Process
Simple language models

Golf swing monitoring
At low power, low cost

Project Tetra
Collaborative robot state estimation

BSAC Workshop
On wireless ensor networks

GINA: Low power design
Low power wireless

GINA: Wireless sensor platform
A low power, wireless sensor